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Starting any new business venture can prove to be a daunting prospect, with so many variables and costs to consider. The mobile catering industry is flourishing and there are so many different flavours to a new-start up in terms of vehicle, location, appliances and of course the product itself. Keeping your expenditure under £10,000 can potentially be challenging when you factor in the cost of the vehicle, the conversion and then potential branding and marketing.

With over two decades of coffee culture, street food and business combined with a passion for all things Italian, Mobile Retail Group have helped support customers from mobile coffee, tea, pizza, hot dogs… even sunglasses.

The Piaggio Ape 50cc is one of our most popular conversions and comes in at a price of £9,995. Small and beautiful – Italian and quirky. With a 50cc engine* you can drive this on L plates from 16 years of age. Our coffee cart design is all about maximizing space and profits.

These little vans are total crowd pleasers. Made from the finest materials by our experienced and qualified craftsmen, the Ape is built to last with its great fuel efficiency and award winning Fracino Classic coffee machine, this is the cart for you.

The flexibility of the iconic Piaggio Ape enables it to be used for a wide variety of mobile catering ventures, including hot dogs, pizza, popcorn and coffee to name a few.

So, that covers the initial setup costs. Now let’s explore some of the other opportunities and benefits of running a mobile catering…

Given that your business is mobile, then you are not bound to expensive retail outlets. Instead, you have the flexibility to take your business directly to customers, be that a prime city centre location, events including weddings and even festivals! The later is likely to incur a small pitch fee, but given how compact the iconic Piaggio Ape is, they’ll be the cheapest out there.

Flexible working hours is always a bonus. Running a mobile catering business, you can adapt your working hours accordingly. This means that you could also run the business alongside your existing commitments in order to generate extra income or to support retirement.

Now, there are not many businesses that you can start-up for less than £10,000 that give you the benefits and flexibility that we’ve already talked about. But, £10,000 is still a reasonable amount of money, isn’t it? We have a range of affordable finance options available to help you kick-start your new business.

At Mobile Retail Group, we know how important it is to be completely transparent with our customers. We’ll keep you updated from beginning to end. We love helping our customers at every step of the way, whether you’re just looking for some honest advice about starting your new coffee business, or you need after sales support, we’re always happy to help.