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Hands up if you love prosecco? Here at Mobile Retail Group we are obsessed, both in terms of being partial to the odd glass or two, but also crafting our stunning bespoke prosecco vans which our customers use to add a classic charm to the big day.

The UK has a serious love affair with the Italian white sparkling wine, and this can be best seen in the fizzy mobile bars – most of them charming, vintage Piaggio Ape conversions – that are sprouting like mushrooms around the UK. That said, they are not limited to Piaggio vehicles. We convert a wide range of vehicles in to these iconic mobile bars, everything from Horse Boxes to classic Renaults!

Combining stylish retro design with the nation’s favourite bubbly, it’s no wonder mobile Prosecco vans are the latest trend these days. When they’re not popping up at festivals, markets, and public outdoor events, they can be seen pouring Frizzante (so called due to EU regulations) from the taps at weddings and private parties across the country.

Just when you thought everything had been conveniently invented, you couldn’t be more wrong. The Prosecco van is literally everything wine lovers could ask for to make their wedding extra bubbly and chic. Say goodbye to your amusement for food trucks and book a Prosecco van for your special day.

There’s something beautiful about getting your sparkling wine out of an adorable van. Also, it beats getting stuck at the bar for who knows how long at a wedding, right? Park the Prosecco van outdoors and enjoy your wine while getting some fresh air. If you aren’t already convinced you need to jump on the Prosecco bandwagon, a few pics of these vans all dolled up and in action may change your mind.

Neither the bride or groom will be mad at this van for third wheeling their special day. It’s the perfect addition to a time to celebrate. Also, could you ask for a better prop for photos?

Regardless of what colour it comes in, you’d be wrong to miss out on a Prosecco van. Forget about it matching the table napkins. Does it pair well with those wine enthusiast taste buds of yours? Then you’re good.

Again, the only things that should be moving are your feet toward the direction of this boozy brilliance. It’s on wheels. The van has no other choice but to roll you into some good times.

So, you came, you saw, and now it’s time to conquer. Whether you’re a guest, or actually planning a wedding, it’s time to reserve your date with this beauty. Hurry, because everyone else’s thoughts are in the same place.

Sometimes, people refrain from jumping on the bandwagon. No one mentioned there would be wine on this wagon, though. So, hop, skip, jump, or whatever you need to do to experience one of these Prosecco vans.

With over two decades of prosecco and champagne culture coupled with mobile retail, business and a passion for all thing’s Italian makes Mobile Retail Group your number one choice. Our team are here to help and guide you through the process of starting your own mobile prosecco and retail business, from start to finish. We are not just a supplier of the superb prosecco carts, we are much more than that. We can advise you all the way from creating your business plan, choosing the right model for you, and most importantly perhaps, training you in the range of skills we have acquired in over two decades of passion.